Beyond Solar
Global Distribution


We've delivered over 550mw+ between North & Latin America (as of December 2023)


We've secured below market pricing through global relationships we've built with select manufacturers.


We ship nationwide across the U.S. & Mexico and South America


We stick with a select few manufacturers including Risen, Jinko, Trina, Seraphim (amongst others), which allows us to have an allocated consistent supply.

What We Do

Bs Global Energy strives to be the most trusted supplier in the renewables industry. We service the entire US as well as other countries including Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, and El Salvador.

We strive to be the most innovative solar distributor providing equipment and technical services to meet the unique needs of solar distributors and installers. All of our equipment is pre-qualified based on performance history and long-term reliability. We help you succeed. Our dedicated team of solar sales professionals is here to help you build and enhance your solar business.

Product Range & Availibility

Our relationships with leading manufacturers, means we have the widest range of high quality modules.

Our inventory levels are amongst the highest, and we are committed to having the products you need, when you need them.

Logistics Expertise

Our global warehouse network means our products are only one step away.

Streamlined ordering saves time, reliable freight forwarding means confidence and security, and our logistics services give you delivery flexibility.

Partner Services

The decentralised energy solutions market is expanding and we are partnering with utility providers, developers and other organisations to widen their range of services. Forming a seamless partnership, we provide products, distribution and marketing, and can also coordinate installation.

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